GLASS BEADS for Roadmarking


GLASS BEADS produced with the accumulated technologies and the quality assurance scheme of
BINEX have been supplied inside and outside of korea since 1973.
The use in premix and/or drop-on of the beads ensure the traffic line reflective from the moment
of the beads being laid.
The beads make a continuous contribution to road safety(for drivers and pedestrians alike) with its high
visible warning during darkness, heavy rain and even fog, since the beads have the following properties;

1. Optical property
Glass beads have the property of sending the incident rays back to its source.
This means the light which comes into glass bead is refracted and then reflected within the bead, and it hits back with high efficiency to the motorists.

2. Physical property
The glass bead is a sphere. This means any directional stress-resistance of the bead is excellent.

3. Chemical property
Since the bead is being made of glass, the glass bead is chemically stable. It is water-resistant, alkali-resistant, heat resistant, solvent-resistant and acid-resistant excepting for hydrofluoric and concentrated sulphuric acid.

* According to the specific needs of the beads,we are in manufacturing size varies from decades of micron to 5mm in diameter through the process of rotary and shaft kiln.
(larger beads are on request)



Range of particle size
um/Tyler mesh)





for drop-on and drop-in

KSL-2521 #1



for drop-in and premix

KSL-2521 #2