Usages of Road Marking Paints;
  1.Marking for;
-Center line
-Traffic lane
-Boundary line etc
Kinds of Road Marking Paint (medium);
1) Traffic Paint (Liquid), cold type (KSM 5322 Listed);
  This paint is general and conventional one which would have its film thickness of 0.15-0.20 mm after applied/dried.
this is cost effective and very good for marking on highway or on airfield in which less vibration being incorporated after marking.
This has, however, rather longer drying time & less duration of service than those of other newly developed paints.
'Drying time : 20 min. around.
2) Traffic Paint (Liquid), Hot type (KSM 5336 Listed);
  This paint is a marking medium requires a quicker drying time and longer life than cold but still in cost effective.
This has less solvent content and requires heating of 60-7O for applying.
*Typical Applications: for Highway or Airfield.
*Drying time : 10 min. around.
3) Hot Melt Thermo-Plastic Paint (HMTP: KSM 5333 Listed);
  This type of paint nowadays is most generally used for road-marking. This dries quickly after applied and hence this is very ideal for marking in a full traffic condition.
Paint-film reaches 1.5-2.0 mm thick around which gives long service-time.
This powdered type of paint requires up to 200 heating for application to use.
4) Hot applied sheet;
  This ready-to-use marking medium is made of Hot Melt Thermo-Plastic paint(HMTP). For marking on road this does not require any of applicators(markers) but you just need a thermal torch for adhesion of the letterings designed.
This can be used at any pavement with a good weather resistance. This is excellent for letterings & signings on roads.
Glass beads for Road marking;
1) General;
  When road marking there need glass beads for night-time visibility of traffic lines/signs.
Glass beads has the property of sending the incident light back to its source when it's laid in the road-marking paint.
For the best result of retro-reflection, the beads to be buried half in the film of marking medium (paint)
2) Required Q'ty of beads for Road marking:
  To obtain the best condition of reflection, premix(drop-in)beads shall require 15-20% by weight of the total marking medium.
when needs of drop-on, demanded beads Shall be 25-30 grams per 15cm(W)x100cm(L) of marking line for an optimum result. Normally 850-106 of beads are used for roadmarking. Thesedays it, however, trends touse larger sized of beads (eg. 1.0mm-2.0mm) for improving the reflection of pavement in some advanced countries even the proce is rather higher(This is so called "LARGE BEADS")
Applications of Hot Melt Thermo-Plastic Paint(HMTP)
  This paints is originally thermo-Plastic powdered type, and melting can be achieved by heating of 180-200.
There's no need of diluent for application. This paint includes itself 15-20% of premixed glass beads by weight.
Marking of this paint shall be by hand applicator(marker) or by machine. On melting process of the paint,one should put the compound(Thermo-Plastic powdered paint) into a kettle(pot) step by step gradually keeping on agitation and heating. For application of the paint(melted)on road you need to shift the liquefied compound(paint) to a applicator.
  We assure you 7717M's primer arid road-paint give the answer on your road marking requirements
The primer acts a good binder between road surface and paint film that's why the primer being
sprayed prior to painting.
  A.How to use the BINEX primer;
  There are two methods of application for primer.
One is with roller and the other one is with sprayer (machine)
  With roller;
-clean the road su face
-with roller, primer spreading
With sprayer;
-clean the road surface
-fast spreading with machine sprayer
  B. Kinds of primer;


For asphalt

For concrete

Rosin ester



Synthetic rubber



Poly butene 1.0% 3.5%
Solvent 73.5% 52.5%
TyPical data of road marking;

Air Drying Traffic Paint

Thermo-Plastic Pain

Composition (%)

resin 30-35%

resin 15-70%

Filler 35-40%

Plasticizers 0-1%

Pigment 15-20% Pigment 5-10%
Toluene 12-15% Glass beads(premix)15-20%
Additive 0-5% Filler 60-70%
  Additive 0-5%
Glass beads(Drop-on) 2.9kgs/10 m2 4.0kgs/10 m2
Consumption of media Approx
(Production of marking line)
21.5m/litre in 15cm(W) 1.69m / kg in 15cm(W)
Typical application Highway,Airfield General roads of paved
Normal Service time 6 months 12 months